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Meet Jenna

I'm Jenna, the face behind Wild Ruby Consulting. As someone who has worked in the adult industry for over 10 years I have seen so many businesses come and go, and like everything in this industry there is a lot of trial and error on who we can trust, and who has our best interests at heart.
Wild Ruby Consulting officially opened in 2020, as safe place for all independent workers who are looking for an extra set of hands, ears and eyes for their business. As a sex worker myself I have learnt so many tips, tricks, do's and don'ts about this industry, and still hold and currently run a lucrative independent business. My true passion that sits behind Wild Ruby is the ability to mix my extensive corporate background (the likes of IT, Finance, Underwriting, Sales and Marketing) with sex work to cohesively help other workers achieve overall business success, just like I have.
We offer a range of fully customisable services including; mentoring, booking management, website development, brand development, social media marketing, full-scale ad management and copywriting. Wild Ruby is Australia's original and truly authentic fixed fee, comprehensive personal assistant service.

Our industry deserves credible and passionate businesses, with unbiased intentions to help create a safer environment for all sex workers in Australia.


Wild Ruby Consulting was founded based on the overwhelming feedback from industry professionals. The need for an outsourced business that specifically caters to the Adult Industry and truly knows the in's and out's of what is required was something that just did not exist in Australia.

Wild Ruby Consulting is designed to give the work life balance back to industry workers, to provide the added level of security in someone always knowing where they are and to help decipher and filter the genuine enquiries from the many time wasters.

We are not here to dictate to you how you should run YOUR business. Ultimately YOU are the one in control and YOU choose how we handle YOUR clients.


We know there are other assistant providers out there, but our point of difference is that we are 100% transparent with you. We are a legitimate Australian registered business, with our company information freely available online. Unlike other assistant providers we do not operate under any alias, we provide you with our full legal entities, as well as offering a registered business address in the heart of Sydney CBD where you can organise a time to meet with us in person if required.

Wild Ruby Consulting is dedicated to providing a honest and integral solution to adult service providers Australia wide. You are trusting us with your most sensitive and private information, and we feel it is only reasonable that we honour that by allowing you the information to know exactly who is managing your business.

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